@James: Thank you Yeah.. that collar bone's a little exaggerated lol. I'll fix it when I line it

@Nisaren: Agreed! And, about the white colored pencil. I actually knew about that little trick and I did try it for the first picture, but, with my super cheap pencils, after I layered white, I couldn't color any others layers over it and my white picked up random colors and deposited them in unwanted places.

@Cal: Thanks As far as color picking goes, I'm not that great at it. Whenever I try to get funky with them, everything just looks wrong. But, that's what practice is for, getting better at it! So hopefully, you'll see more variety in the time to come!

I went back over that latest picture to get a little more understanding. It's still not the best, but I think it looks considerably better.

The spine's a bit weird I think, though