Evening. I am Gaff. I have trouble using colour properly and setting things in perspective. I can't be bothered with long introductions.

This is the last thing I actually finished. In the main, I'm happy with it, but I think I could have handled the shadows better, given where the main light source is, and the surface of his gun-arm could have been better too. Wasn't too sure what to do with fading the image out in the bottom of the picture either.

As part of my ongoing quest to become an internet millionaire, I try to post process videos on youtube and there's one for this painting if anyone's interested:

Onto something more pressing though.

Had hoped to get this done in time for the new Lupin tv series starting, but I was ill for a while and didn't manage it. Haven't yet got back to working on it, so any input in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.

I think Lupin (on the right) is pretty much there, but Jigen (on the left) gets worse every time I look at him. The idea is that he should be running while carrying the sack over his shoulder, but I've screwed up the anatomy pretty badly and I'm not quite sure how to get myself out of this one. Any general thoughts on the perspective are also welcome; I was going for a kind of 'worm's eye view' effect.