I'm not saying media influence doesn't exist. I'm saying it's easily combated by conventional teaching and supervision that is supposed to be a given in the first place. So why attempt to dismantle the media when all that's required to develop independent thought is a little guidance (that, again, is supposed to be a //given//). My issue is with people acting like the media and independent thought cannot coexist, hence one must be destroyed for the other to flourish.

And no offense, but your example is a cited failure. Your parents may have individually eliminated "bad influences" from your media diet, but they did not teach you independent thought. I'm not saying parents are supposed to sit around and hand-hold their kids through every instance of media. What I'm talking about is teaching a man to fish--teaching your kids how to process information in contextually appropriate ways. In other words, Disney movies -- regardless of how "moral" -- should not have affected you any differently than a Rambo flick. If you had developed the thought process I'm talking about at that time, you would've been able to classify that as "fantasy". What I'm talking about is separating fantasy from reality, not gauging the appropriateness of programs. Separating "good" from "bad", especially in terms of heavily dramatized media, will only lead to extremes on one side of the spectrum (in your case, Disney movies). Separating fantasy from reality will always keep someone well-adjusted. But I mean if you were like 5 or 6 years old, that's not expected anyway since you were still in early development.