Whats up lady's and gentlemen? I am stuck and your help wold be really appreciated. I have a project going on, and even though i already started it i still don't have some basic stuff......like clothes designs.......So since i believe that a lot of people have quite an imagination here on MT i would like to ask anyone that has time and will, to try and come up a design for this project of mine. And to make it a bit more interesting i thought why not make it kinda like a contest. What i need is several outfits for a squad of futuristic spec-op-ish agents........makes sense right? I'll leave some references, well more like hints of what id like, but by all means if you have an idea you think would work or simply a cool design go wild and do whatever you think would work. As for a reward for this contest you will get a tiger straight from my backyard I kid i kid...all i can offer is a request drawing from me.....its not much( a lot less then that) but that's all i have to give away...so first i need to see if anyone would be interested in doing this...and if there are at least 6 participants( any at all would be nice) since i need at least 15 different designs i will come up with a date for the ...well contest. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Just so you know the only thing i think should be in anything you would like to present is that it needs a black base that is some kind of cloth and little of armor/tech on some part of the body, also if i you cloud i would be grate full if you don't go ABSOLOUTLEY crazy with the details....i will need to draw those a lot...so yeah not TOO much details woud be cool too.......other then that go crazy. The ones that were done in blue are a little more heavy-weight and not necessarily what id like but if you do something and you think i dunno shit about futuristic armors and stuff of course again show it to me... thanks again.