Greetings to all,
I honestly could not tell you when or how I found this site but I know it was months ago.
and was browsing the forums and found a few thread I may want to make a post on
once I am done reading them.

I mainly watched a few anime's.
Never really read any manga's, some of Shonen Jump, but that was mainly to get
prom cards.
This list is rather small, but covers what I have seen really.
It all started with dragon ball z, then yu-gi-oh and yes I even play the card game.
inuyasha, fullmetal alchemist, trinity blood, cowboy bebop, Naruto, bleach,
and last but certainly not least is Death Note.
And for some odd reason Death note is my favorite,
Couldn't tell ya why though.

I to also once loved to draw,
but I lost the desire to continue cause of a number of things.

The number one reason is I really can not draw anything out of my head,
it has to be something I can look at

It just got to me cause I had and still have so many Ideas
but I can not put it on paper,
Things just don't come out how I picture it.

These are two drawings I did back in high school,

Garnet from final fantasy nine, all done in just color pencil,
this picture is found online but I no longer have the link at this moment.
I don't think I need to tell ya what made me want to draw this......

this next picture Is ok as far as picture quality,
it came out with a bit of camera shake.

this was done with a simple mechanical pencil, with a lead size of 0.5mm I think.
This is The Executioner from a game called mace the dark age for nintendo 64.
These are pretty much the only two drawing's
I done that came out really good I think.
granted I can not prove these were not traced but if someone with an artist eye were to compare it to the original ones you can spot my imperfections pretty easy.
Oh by the way I'm twenty eight years old, BET YA DID'NT SEE THAT COMING
Looking forward to posting.