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    Hmm, I wonder how such (seemingly) random powers could be implemented in a story.. Maybe he gets something that grants him power, but the power changes per day? And the crazy person who gave it to him chooses a random power for that day or something like that. <-Just an idea I just had.
    That company chasing the guy who gave the powers, chases him because besides the useless powers (changing stuff into cheese, making cats rain), there are more useful, powerful/whatever stuff you can do with them (for example: ...?) . The company either wants that power too, or intends to use the main character's powers, something like that. Or maybe they just want to know how it works. Starting to sound pretty serious again, but that doesn't matter, we can change that at any time

    But now; who is the main character? There were 2 college students, male or female? What are their personalities? When the one gets his awful super powers, what does the other do?

    How does the Rebel Boss feel about these ideas by the way? :P
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