Not paid, sorry, but if you want some practice with short stories, I want the practice with the script followin' and drawin' part.

I already have a concept, so it's sort of a challenge---you would take the concept, write the scripts, and send em' back to me. I would then draw it out and post them online, If you want more control over layout and such I'll even be willing to send you rough drafts so you can comment and critique.

Here's the idea: Set in an urban Japanese city and involving mainly two college age (exchange?) students, it involves the main character who gains super powers when he accidentially microwaves some chemical/fake scientific element....becoming, well, at first I had him dubbed "Mercury Man" but that now seems too...negative. (Mercury!?!?! What was I thinking!?!?!)

So the writer has a lot of freedom...just take the concept and run with it.
It's a really short series project, 10 installments, 16 pages each. (At least, that's short for me...xD) The genre would be action/adventure shonen, with a fun, fantastical element thrown in here and there. I only have three stipulations, which are: 1. No language, whatsoever (I'm even going to take out the "craps" and "darns" if you throw those in there---sorry if you think it's childish, but it's a matter of personal integrity on my part. 2. No sexual content---at all. My guide for the no language should give you a clue about how strongely I will feel about this one too. 3. No bloody, over-the-top, and in other ways too mature or offensive violence. My target age here are boys between ages 10-12(ish), so yeah.

Sorry that I haven't posted any of my work yet. I lean towards more of a hobbyist style. I'm working on the plot of this series that I'm going alone on, but I don't feel confident enough to start drawing in seriousness with that yet. (I mean I could, but it would take me forever...) so this would help me improve my speed. Also it would be a challenge for me b/c I've never actually drawn from another writer's script...I've always used my own. So I mostly want to have fun with this, and go wherever with it, and am looking for a writer with the same mindset. (I think...)

Post questions below, if you're really really interested you can PM me.