I'm deciding what story to write so help me decide. I've narrowed it down to 5 ideas. Please don't propose your own ideas mine are bad enough. I can elaborate on any of these.

1. Sci-Fi Gatsby--
A soldier clown from a fallen empire finds out that another clown like him may be leading a private military company on a backwater planet in an area known as the marches. This is basically gatsby in space.
What's stopping me: World Building

2. Romance of Heaven--
Inspired by norse end of the world stories and ancient chinese literature. It's a story about an empire in heaven falling apart, and the gods and men trying to take control of it.
What's stopping me: World building

3. The Imperishables--
A cyberpunk story where suicidal men and women are given immortality and voluntarily entered into a game where they kill each other on city streets to win mopeds and ipods and stuff.
What's stopping me: How do you write modern cyberpunk without going full retard?

4. Jesus and the Politician--
A story where every term jesus and the devil both attempt to get a politician voted as a mayor in an unnamed city. The devil always wins but jesus finally finds the one honest person that may be able to get him his first win.
What's stopping me: Kind of stupid and I don't know enough about government.

5. John the Shopkeeper--
A bunch of kids left to die in a city ruined by war fight over supplies that get dropped in every day by an unexplained helicopter.
What's stopping me: Eh teen fiction u know