Its that time again children.

This time we are going to play a game called X-plorers. How is it different you ask?

Put on your space suit, charge your ray rifle, and flip ignition on an outer-space adventure! Imagine if the first RPG had been one of interplanetary adventure—rules-light, fast-paced, and inspired by a passion for science fiction. In X-plorers, you’re part of a group of galactic troubleshooters on the look out for the next job—whether it be salvage, search, or rescue on an alien world.
X-plorers basically asks what if the original creators of dnd had made a sci-fi game instead of a fantasy game? Instead of going into dungeons you'll be exploring planets and flying around in space planes and shit.

The classes are pretty similar to dnd classes for the most part.

● Be a SCIENTIST: Unravel the mysteries of a new alien race!
● Be a SOLDIER: Take aim and defend against invaders!
● Be a TECHNICIAN: Pilot a spaceship through danger!
● Be a SCOUT: Foil the overlord’s plans using espionage!
If you have an RPGNow account you can get the rules here. If not and you're too lazy to just make an account I can email them to you.

I assume John, Clock, and Cake are on board but if anyone else wants to play please post in this thread. You will need to have skype and a microphone of course.