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Thread: Animated Comic - Backward step of comic narrative?

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    ... Yes. With the exception that the artwork and layout would be so good, you could take pictures and make a comic.

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    I don't know if what you are saying makes any sense or if this is the appropriate thread.

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    He's saying he wants an animation paneled like a comic, which I think has already been done, probably not to that quality, but it probably has.
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    Eh... Really, if you compare some budget anime OVAs from the 80s like Dragon's Heaven to this, it basically looks exactly the same... Flash games can still look 'good' judged on exactly the same scale... Or, hell, the space-saving 'perminant marker' cutscenes from Metal Gear Portable Ops. That's budget animation in a nutshell, so I don't think there is any right or wrong way of it looking.

    I think the real question is, does cutting up somebodies' pre-existing work to put it in a medium is wasn't designed for, simply a bad idea? Yeah, I agree with everyone else on that point, it's nasty as a pasty. If it was always supposed to be an animation and simply has a budgeted style, then it's fair enough.

    Also, everyone forgot the obvious de-facto example. :p

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