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Thread: manga animation software ???

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    When it comes to animation he software is just a tool. What is most important is the knowledge of animation and the pinciples behind it. Granted, some software come with better tools. The adobe programs are very reliable in having the most tools within the software. I use toonboom studio (toonboom animate is way to expensive). But again, the principles are the important part. If your wanting to look into some research tools, I suggest looking into Richard William's animators survival kit. His knowledge and lessons are amazing, but his book isn't cheap... But it truly is worth taking a look at if you are serious about animation.

    (edit): the reason I was talking about software like this though is because you nessesarly don't need it. People have been animating traditionally for a long time... And some still do. Bill Plympton is one of these animators. He usually animates by hand. And it's still respected as much as it was back then, he's been nominated. But, technology really does make animating easier and is a great tool to have. (/end edit)

    Truly though, I do wish you luck and success down this road. I can tell you it's rewarding and fun to see your work come to life.
    (I am also honored to be mentioned above, thanks!)
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