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Thread: Where's the innovation?

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    ^ "Everything that can be invented has been invented." ~ Charles H. Duell, Commissioner's Office for US Patents, 1899. Except not. In addition, looking at something familiar from a new angle is doing something new, as I thought you'd be aware as an artist; non-realism is more realistic than realism because it's better at capturing subjectivity. See Lucian Freud versus a Deviant.

    Innovation doesn't make money. Van Gogh was a starving artist. So was James Joyce. Most of the really innovative people have been. People like their comfort zones and what they know. Anything new is instinctively rejected unless people are forced to observe its merits. So it's not financially viable to try new things. And the present world is a big machine running on profit; humanity and aesthetics died sometime between rationalism and WW1. Blame the idiots who buy the games or blame human nature for being so conservative or blame capitalism, don't blame game companies.
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