Hey folks,
When i was a kid i remember playing games such as Baldur's Gate and Fallout, games well known for being far ahead of their time, doing things no other game had done before. The thing is the creators of these games actually dared to be creative, to be innovative, wich is something i sadly cannot say for today's games wich mainly consists of First-Person-Shooting-Suicidal-And-Hyperactive-Sniper-Simulators (*cough* CALL OF DUTY *cough*). it's a goddamned shame publishers rather preffer to stick to the same cookiecutter formula of making a random game with extremely cliched elements in order to appeal to the masses, thus playing safe, not giving a shit of actually being innovative or creative just because they're scared of it being a total fuck-up. and it's just not new franchises. the only innovation i see in games these days are indie games.

I don't want to be force fed a unoriginal piece of copypasta that's supposedly "the standard" of every videogame these days.