Hey thanks for all the good ideas, i was actually planning to make him born half were-wolf, and then like his sister was introduced later. I have changed it up some though, because a werewolf is hard to draw, and i'm just an amateur,-but i'm better than half the seniors in my highschool, that's thanks to my amazing art teacher. No, now it's more of a djinn that's helping her, because, like you said it needs her. In this case it's to retrieve her, the djinn's, full power. And now it's a childhood friend that the magician has killed. I know you guys are gonna find fault with this too, but i just find it easier to draw spirits and demons, than it is to draw animal transformations. And i'm keeping what would have been the werewolf's sister, but i've turned her into a priestess, this will cause some conflict between her and cecilia. Anyway i know the original idea was good but flawed and like most ideas it just had to be tweaked some. Well spring break's started up, so my schedul's cleared up to allow for some art time. YAY!!!.