Two years ago, my creative writing class voted for me to draw the cover for our writing magazine. Of course, me being sixteen, I drew manga--a barbarian with two children on his shoulders, symbolizing the divide of innocence and brutality in our stories, but also the protectiveness displayed in some.

That summer, a little boy called me and told me that a girl named Rachel (coincidentally, there was a Rachel in creative writing) had called him and told him to tell me this: "Manga sucks." He seemed reluctant about it and didn't really seem sure of what he was doing.

At the time, I all I could do was tell the kid not to worry about it and go on with my life, but it's really sad now that I think of it. A) That stupid girl got a little kid involved in a petty prank call and B) She had absolutely no reason to do anything of the sort in the first place. Even two years ago, a time I'd like to forget, I was one of the quieter students, but I was always polite and I always smiled around my classmates. I was humble about my art and didn't draw much during class. Come to think of it, I was a pretty good kid as a sophomore. The girl, Rachel, was a senior--18 at the time, the same age I am now.

The question I have is this: what is it about manga that made me the target of a childish prank?