Something that happens to me a lot in mangas, is that fighting is not dreadful enough. You know the main character is weaker than his badass nemesis, still the main character beliefs he is not going to win, that the righteous actions are enough to make him a brave warrior, but at the end, you, as a reader, lose the feeling of dread in the fight, the fact that someone is going to die, and we have been spoiled with too many victories from part of the protagonist that we believe without a doubt of question he is going to win. And this is one of the problems I have with most fights in the "genre" of shönen and something in others. In Vagabond you feel that Takezo can lose, he fell in fear some times, and that is okay, that's what you would expect for someone who is placing his life on the edge, but still, I keep having this feeling that fights, or better say the real danger in the stories is not as dreadful as we would feel in our lifes.