Another reason why I haven't touched my PS3 in months: I was playing CoD when some noob started L2 crouching and R2 jumping. It was so infuriating that I switched to the vastly inferior PC. But then people were using aimbots. I mean, I hooked up my controller to play Counter-Strike and everything (since mouse and keyboard suck), but then they'd get headshots on me before I could even see them. And what's up with this whole no iron sights thing? You can't prone either, and your guns have too much recoil. Worst of all, there were no killstreaks. Why? Why can't PC developers figure these basic things out? What's next? Will they take out aim assist too? I mean, I hate R2 jumps and L2 prones, but at least the people doing that don't deny it. The aimbotters in Counter-Strike just claimed they'd practiced and that the mouse and keyboard were actually good. The liars. I can get a 25 killstreak with my controller in CoD, so why not CS or CS:S? Steam really needs to step it up with their hacker prevention AND game mechanics. They're so far behind EA. They have a digital download thing called Valve, so maybe they should stick to that. Even then, they can't compete with Origin.


Typing that almost made me sick.