In manga it always seems like the base concept is much more important than the writing, which makes it almost the complete opposite of american comics. Most comic readers know that the idea of superheroes is incredibly silly, but go with it and make up with it with incredible writing. Most manga looks to me like it writes itself and you just need that original idea in order to make it stand out from the crowd.

The exception to modern manga all being samey might be one piece since it avoids common shonen nonsense by setting it in a world where it makes sense to meet stronger guys as you get further in, Luffy doesn't die and come back to life for no reason, and Oda has a really healthy respect for continuity. Yeah some characters have a "second form" of sorts, but its a natural extension of abilities they already have instead of a deus ex henshin move that puts them on par with whatever overpowered villain they are facing.

Also: It doesn't have any (traditional) fighting tournaments which is to me the biggest crutch in all of shonen manga. Don't know what to do for this arc? Have a tournament.