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Thread: What anime or manga is popular right now?

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    What anime or manga is popular right now?

    As someone who has been distant from anime and manga i am curious what is actually popular right now.
    I just watched the first ep. of Black Blood Brothers on Netflix a few days ago and was enjoying that some.
    Not sure what's happening as far as manga goes so i'm interested in that too..
    Back when I was reading manga I was really starting to enjoy Nana.
    As far as anime goes i was into .hack//sign and Serial Experiment Lain.
    Let me know what's new and what's going on.
    I went to Anime Expo 2011 and had a lot of fun, but a lot had changed! it certainly became more youth based since I last went.
    So they got rid of a lot of the adult things to look forward to at AX which kind of bothered me. Mostly, you can also tell the economy took a toll on the convention.
    Anyway, that's all the details i have to add, let me know what's going on in the anime world nowadays!
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