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Thread: [Photoshop]The assorted knowledge thread (now sorted!)

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    [Photoshop]The assorted knowledge thread (now sorted!)

    Alright, so I've been thinking:

    Photoshop is huge! I don't know much about it, but almost every time I use it I learn something new, most of the time by accident actually.

    So I figured that since there's at least a handful of people here on MT that uses Photoshop to paint, if we have a thread like this we can share the knowledge and learn from others accidental discoveries.

    Try to keep it simple; like this:

    Caps Lock toggles the outline of the brush and the eraser tool
    (probably the other tools too, but I don't use those). I don't know why you would want to toggle this off, but now I know that if the outline should disappear I've just pressed Caps by accident

    Come on party people, post something you've discovered. I bet everyone who've used PS just once knows at least something that I don't!
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    What we have brought up thus far:

    Brush/eraser tool:
    Right mouse: Access the brush panel
    ] and [: Change the brush size (if you have another keyboard layout than eng you may want to rebind
    Alt to get the eyedropper tool (not with eraser)
    Shift straight lines
    1-0 on the keyboard change opacity from 10% to 100%

    Navigation controls:
    Space: Hand tool
    Space+alt: zoom out

    Ctrl+Z: Undo last action (once)
    Ctrl+Alt+Z: Undo multiple times
    Ctrl+T: Free transform selection/layer (scale, shear, perspective, warp,...)
    Caps Lock: Toggle brush visibility
    Tab: Show/hide panels and menus

    Hotkeys for tools and panels:
    B: Brush tool
    E: Eraser tool
    S: Stamp tool
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