I looked at Kiba and sensed that he was really irritated. "Hey guys, My boss just called, he needs us back. ASAP." I pulled a frown and everyone groaned. "Ray, why don't you move to Belleville?" I asked, Frnak and the others nodded. Ray looked a little sad, but smiled and patted me atop the head. "Well, hun, I have to find a job there, then if I can, a house. "Why not take mine?" Frank piped up. I glanced at him and smiled. "Well if you guys are willing then, I'll start packing up then." We all cheered. "Yay, my brother from another mother is going to move back home!" I giggled and hugged Ray. "Well we better get going. Like now before pops starts a riot." Frank nodded and grabbed our guitars and put the into the van and I nodded to Kiba.