"So if you loved me, would it truly be?..." The last guitar chords stuck as I finished the last verse and bowed. "Okay how the fxxk was that for you Newark? Warmed up yet?" I asked the crowd, more than half the crowd jumped up and cheered, I looekd at Kiba and winked at him. "Well, Now we have another song for you, but after this I'm going to let my buddy Keller over here take over for me." I waved a hand at the bassist, who nodded towards the crowd. "This next song, is called Hell's Cry, Heaven's Call" I hope you enjoy it." I nodded my head and Nick started the drum intro this time. The beat was fast paced, so Frank and Todd jumped in. Frank used the crunch of his guitar while Todd used his melodramatic pad. I heard Keller finally come in when the first verse swam through my head. I turned around and lifted the mic and then winked at Keller, he smiled and nodded. "So what? I think I can give you a little something to remember me, baby..." I was about to act provacative, I turned and ran a hand up my leg in a flirtatious way, getting a few woops and whistles. "Well then honey,...YOU JUST LOST TO HELL!!" I screamed into the mic with such raw emotion, I heard Frank backing me up with his cute screamo actions. "Honey, This mirror you gave me, showes nothing... I'm giving you to, Hell's cry, while I request, Heaven's call..." I finished the song after a few more minutes, just about to continue the last verse when I heard a person in the crowd scream the lyrics out to me. I looked out and saw the person and my jaw literally dropped. "Just Hear Hell's Cry, and Heaven's Call...You'll answer both for me? Aw Baby..." I stared at him and jumped off the stage and tackled him. "Ray!" I let out a giggle when he didn't fall, but spun me around. Keller and Todd sniggered and took the mic. "Ladies, gents, Let us introduce you to our long time friend, Raymond Cravins." Ray waved to the crowd and sat down while I jumped back up to the stage. "Well, Like I promised, Keller and his sexy voice is going to give you a lovely chill to your spine." I grabbed my bass and went to where Keller stood and gave him the nod. "The Sharpest Knife for You," Keller anounced. I started and I felt like I disappeared into the music.