I popped out from behind Kiba and smiled. "You didn't have to shout." I giggled and closed the door on a ranting and cussing Franktard. "Haha, well that's what the douche gets for kicking me in my sleep." I walked away and started cooking whatever meat Frank wanted and gagged. "Gosh, does meat have to smell so awful?" I muttered under my breath. I finished and ran past Kiba to the bathroom and vomitted. I groaned and finished, brushing my teeth and attempting to fix my wild locks, and failing each time. I finally give and decide I look fine and walk back out to see Frank eating what I cooked. "You discust me Frank." I said with a straight face, I started laughed and shook my head when he flipped me the bird. "No thanks carnivore, I only date herbavores." I giggled at the terminologies I labeled us with and flopped back on to the leather couch.