I sighed and looked around for Frank. "Frankie? where are you?" I asked he jumped down and smirked, which in my case gave me a slight jolt back. "You ass," I sniggered "You better not give me the fake 'talk' Frankie, I will not give you your new comics or skittles" I warned he smiled and jumped on to me. "Yay Sister dearest truly loves me!" I quirked an eyebrow at him and shook my head. "Lets get to bed you dork." I muttered, I looked longingly at Kiba's door. "I only wish he could talk to me, I may look and act human, but I'm stronger than an average fertile." I thought, Frank looked at me and wanted to ask something. "Yes, you're a fertile too because I bit you and gave you female vampire blood." I said, he looked at me shocked.