"You're supposed to stay with me! grr..." I snarled after him and caught up with him in a flash, Frank closely behind me. "Are you trying to get me killed or are you just that fxxked up in the head to not listen to me?" I asked, I was enraged, first he's hating me, then he's being nice and telling some asswipe to shove off, now he's making me follow him around just so I can keep an eye on him. Oh hell I was pissed beyond help. "Hey, I'm talking to you Kiba." I jerked his shoulder towards me to make him look at me. "Why? Why did you contact me the first time we met. Why did my scent lure you to me? Why are you even around me? Common sense? Or orders?" I glared at him, I knew I wasn't strong enough to hold up a fight against him, but I was strong enough to stand my ground and take a few hits. My eyes glazed over with a blood red sheen. "Tell me, what possessed you to come over that time? Vampire's intuition?" I waited for an answer.