I sat there leaned over with my elbows resting on my kneecaps, smoking the same cigarette. I looked at the doorknob to the room and the looked at the place where the doorknob would rest if the door was closed. A few seconds later the door closed by itself with a quiet creak. She acted like a kid, but it was her right to. In a weird sort of way, she reminded me of my daughter. I stared out into space remembering the way she treated me the last time I went to visit. 'Full bore heat period', something a friend once told me. The strange thing was that she started acting strange around me, like my presence there had affected her in some way. Maybe she was...No,no,no...Don't let your mind get to you like that. I ruffled my hair and stubbed the cigarette on my hand only to light another one in it's place. "The mind itself is the only prison that one can never escape from, it is your greatest weapon and also your greatest weakness. Remember this, Kiba. It can save you from very questionable situations. Consider it a piece of wisdom form teacher to student." I said it out loud and turned to look at someone standing not far into the room. "Isn't that right, Sensei?" I glared at him from being here. We haven't talked in nearly half a century.