When the agency found me, I was sitting in my own blood. A lit cigarette in my mouth barely able to get a drag off of it. The room was just one giant blood bath and the body I was sitting on was my target. I made sure he was dead. His family was also eliminated. A task I had trouble dealing with myself. The tac-lites didn't do anything to my eyes and I waited for one of them to fire off a shot. I already had a stake pretty damn close to it's target sticking out of my chest. My vision began to blur and my thoughts swam aorund. The voices I heard were distorted, I blinked a few times before my blood loss and the silver in my bloodstream began to affect me. I hit the floor and I stared out across the expanse of the warehouse floor to see a small pair of feet running. Or maybe, it was just what I wanted to see. Then I saw nothing. The blank space of time when one is either dead or unconscious. I stared at a phantom of myself telling my daughter what I was going to do, the dialogue was inaudible but I could remember every word. The images froze and I sat down on a chair that was illuminated by an unknown source of light, and waited.