I had waited another ten minutes before I leaped through the air to land through glass. The guys that were there were completely caught off guard. Two of them tried to aim at me, but I already had my pistol aimed and I pulled the trigger twice to nail them both in the head. The mangled mess of their bodies were the only thing that remained of them. The others were trying to load their rifles and what not. I drop kick one and punch the other through the balcon's window. I toss the last guy towards the window I came in through and he caught himself with the edges of it. I smirked, "Feeling a bit squeamish?" I asked towards him and I walked up to where he was and I put my foot on his chest with light pressure to cause him to try and balance it out so he didn't fall out it. "Good..." I pushed hard and watched as he fell 23 stories down to his death.