I sat in the airliner and looked over the land below me. Not many knew of our existence and we liked it that. At least, that how us Old Ones liked it. It was a "thrilling" experience for the younger generation of vampires to try and get attention they don't need. Call it an attention complex if you will. I had the only seat in First Class, compliments of my connections within "normal" society. I never kept many, but the ones that I did have gave me the best information and luxuries I could afford. Simple things for saving their lives, I guess. 'Such fragile creatures. So emotional over things that have no use in our world. Easily broken by the simple tragedies of life.' I thought to myself as I made my way to Anchorage, Alaska. I have some hunting to do and I swear if I see one agency member...I narrowed my eyes at the thought. Not that they could do anything anyway.