I glanced at them and scoffed. "So Rizo, what the hell knocked you back into teaming up with me?" I asked bluntly, remembering how he and I never got along from the start. I took a drag of my cigarette and glanced at the documents again. "Better make it quick, I got a awesome party to hang out at." I muttered, exhaling the smoke." Oh and actually, it's been 5 years. I still hate you." I mumbled, gulping down the rest of my coffee. "I take it you're teaming up with me because of Boss Man's orders? Well, I think I'll take to getting mind raped by that Deity again like last time." I stubbed out my cigarette, exhaling the last of the nicotine's smoke. "If you want to smoke or anything you could, just no damn weed, that shit's nasty to smell, let alone smoke." I said giving him a cup of coffee.