I was sitting in Sakati's Office reading Keira's personnalle File. Hmmm....I rubbed my face looking over her file. "She's good." I said to Sakati who was the Top Secret boss of an orginazation inside the V.A.M.P orginaization. It was called Himitsu. Basicly we were better than Elite sent out to gain, transfer, protect information, and to assassinate. Sakati replied with "Yeah I might promote her to Elite soon and maybe she can join Himitsu." I laughed out loud "she's not all that." "Ill go meet up with her now Cya". I walked out of his office and light a cigarette. I was wearing the new Jet black tech suit with cloak and heat goggles. My weapons were custom made, two black daggers on my lower back with holy water and trimmed with silver for wolves. My bullets were silver with holy water on the inside of them.