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Thread: Changing Reality into Imagination: Natural Enemies to Coexistant Foes

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    Changing Reality into Imagination: Natural Enemies to Coexistant Foes

    Okay this takes place between 1999 - 2007 There is a tall bussiness building in certain states and country, and for those certain buildings there is a Monster coven that lives and works in the building. The names of the building tells all. V.A.M.P. resides in New Jersey, W.O.L.V.E. in Alaska, S.U.C.C.U.M.B.I. in Greenland, D.E.I.T.Y in Italy, and Y.O.K.A.I. from Japan. These buildings are sworn enemies but they coexist with eachother and the humans, they hold the balance and peacefulness of the world together. The rogues are what they all are after, these rogues only have the ability to hunt and kill human, but every building holds elite fighters that are usually sent out to destroy the rogues. The only uniforms would be your own apparell, Weapons are what your character sling best, the weapons could be anything from sewing needles and pins to hack saws and shot guns.

    During the Time of high school bullying and parties every night, there's also the fear of mythical monsters, or so the humans once called us, that is until in 1998 the wars of all the beings had stopped and we swore to a peace treaty. The Vampires promised to be in aliance with humans and others alike. AS long as the peace treaty was in line as always, the difference in natural enemies became coexistant foes. Meanign, they'd work together but they'd still hate eachother internally. The rogues began to surrender the first few years of 1999 - 2001, then the rogues began to fall from the treaty and began it all, that's when we didn't care if we hated the other monsters or not, we just wanted peace and balance restored. Things began to look hopeful, until one rogue vampire went and turn a human into a vampire. The human quickly changed and decided to join the V.A.M.P. agency and capture the rogue that had destroyed her life. Little did she know she'd be playing a huge part in twwo men's lives as soon as she got towards her destination. The way most human's thought about most creatures were that they were safe from vampires, but they were wrong, vampires can walk around in the day, they just happen to wear hoodies, sunglasses and skin tight clothing, the sun only turns their overly pale complextion to a sun-burn pink and their eyes begin to look like a hellish orange color and the white of their eyes turn black. Werewolves and anything else can walk around like human's no problem, it's just the vampires that have a hard time.

    Okay that's just about the briefer, uh, this is my first rp-like thread, so...yeah.(just to let you all know, some pointers on how to patch this rp up would be helpful)

    Age: (Physical and Technical)
    Race: (Ties with what building you work for)
    Gender: (optional to be a gender changer like a succumbi)
    Rank: (Ranks are below this example)
    Appearance: (optional)

    Ranks: Rogue(2 types)*, Starter, Mission Maker, Fighter, Elite Fighter, Leader of Squads
    Rogue : Good, left for a mission and goes solo. Rogue 2 : Bad, hunts and kills humans for sheer pleasure and fun.
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