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Guess the only reason I'm not sitting in the hatebooth is because I'm probably the only person here that has been looking at the ME games more from a critical gameplay stance, lol.
The gameplay of ME is fine, but it is not fine enough to carry the series on its own. It's like saying Final Fantasy X is the best Final Fantasy because you like the battle system the most. Neither FFX nor any of the Mass Effects have gameplay strong enough to carry the game on its own, especially when one considers the existence of other shooters that do what ME does and do it better.

Besides, remember the inane comments made by Bioware and Hepler. The company absolutely believes that gameplay is not only unimportant, but something that should be eliminated, and feel that their storytelling is their greatest single strength as a company.

Also remember that player choice is a big part of gameplay, and each game has made that matter less and less.