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Thread: Movie Thread.

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    Who saw the Golden Globes? Who jeez when Robert Deniro winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award. And Steve Bucsemi winning to best tv actor? xD

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    i didn't see it but,, i heard bout it in the news. Black Swan women won best actrice, right?

    also everyone should watch ' Mulan ' i pity da foo that can't sing ' I'll Make a Man out of You~! '

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    Falling Down is still one of my all time favs.

    Here's the reason why:


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    Inception had lots of eye-candy for a girl to oogle at.<3 I love the movie! I didn't like Nolan's Batman work, but the movie made up for it.
    I love the meme that came from it. :U

    Did anyone else cry during Toy Story 3? It's just speaks to the heart. Pixar is making movies that now produce waterworks from the audience.

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    Did anyone else cry during Toy Story 3?
    I watched it at a friend's house on new years and his mom cried a few times

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    I just saw Gangs of New York for the first time. It was pretty good (I know, it's old now.)

    I actually liked There Will Be Blood better, though. Best scene EVER! :

    Major Spoiler--Do Not Watch if you don't want the movie spoiled, this is an important scene. Also a violence warning, if there are kids here (just covering my bases.)

    SPOILER! :

    This is the best quality I could find with the beginning of the speech in it. The rest just started at the "I drink your milkshake" part.
    Updated 4/6/13: Please Critique

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    There will be blood is probably my favorite movie.

    I liked gangs of new york though not many people did. Though when I say that what I really mean is that daniel day lewis's performance was ridiculously good.

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    I just watched sky captain and the world of tomorrow again, It was pretty good.

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    When it comes to horror movies, the best one I have seen for a LOOOOOOOONG time is a little known French movie called Martyrs. It is so fucking good, and achieves everything a horror should achieve.

    It is a film that isn't afraid to focus on darkness to the degree where you just become absorbed in it, but are still disgusted by it. The film contains much violence and much torture, but it isn't Hostel and it isn't I Spit On Your Grave, it is a brilliantly written and directed film, so brave in its ambition, that it would not even be considered to be made in the US or UK. It sounds really naff, but you can't help but feel something while watching it. What that feeling is really depends on you.

    It stays with you too. I know thats a shitty cliche that film critics say about all horror movies, but this one actually does, not least for the utterly brilliant ambigeous ending. It is the only movie I can remember watching where after watching it I thought to myself 'That was truly original.'

    I had heard nothing about this movie before I watched it, just picked it up in the World Cinema section of HMV for a tenner. Thats the best 10 I've spent for years.

    Seriously, if you like horror, are interested in very dark movies that explore avenues that most dare not, don't mind reading subtitles (assuming you don't speak French), then I can not recommend this movie enough.

    Just to give you a snippet, here is a scene from the first 5-10 minutes of the movie.

    WARNING: Contains strong graphic violence, so everyone should watch it.

    And the plot thickens from then on. Seriously, get down the movie store, get on to amazon, buy/order this movie.

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    HoS, you might be interested in a film called 13 Tzameti. It's this great French film about Russian roulette. Just make sure you see the original and not the remake, cuz apparently they re-made it in colour which I think takes a lot of the edge off it.


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