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Thread: Play aion with us!

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    Play aion with us!

    Aion is going to be going free-to-play in the spring US and i've started playing it again with Kasey so if anyone wants to play it they should get an account!

    It's pretty fun and even more fun with a group

    reply or pm me if you wanna join (pm using the main site not the forum)

    I am server Siel, asmodian side.
    make sure when you download it that it's the "aion" name not "AionEU"

    SO for people wanting to play reply below with your in game character/s name or pm it to me! i'll begin adding them below
    Pm me in game when you get to level 11 (pm level) or feel free to /invite (any one of my online characters)

    Emerie: Spirit Master
    Erien: Cleric
    Artius: Gladiator
    Sorgente: Ranger
    Miyscha: Templar
    (Your characters here!)
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