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Thread: It's been awhile

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    Smile It's been awhile

    Hello everybody. I remember coming to this site a few years ago, but it seems that the site has been completely redesigned since then. The new interface is so different. It's sorta nastalgic really.

    Now for the intro
    Well I like to draw (of course), though my skills have sorta rusted over since I haven't been drawing often, which is why I'm here to refine my skills and get back to doing what I love I've never really paid much attention to shading, folds in clothing, proper anatomy, ect. so I guess I should practice more; I usually end up free-thinking it when I free hand instead of trying to really observe how things actually work realistically, but now I want to take the next step. It is sad to say that I haven't drawn a full character in a long time. I just end up drawing the head, neck, and chest-_-;

    I'm influenced primarily by manga, but also look toward video games and books as valuable sources and to a lesser degree any other form of art. Also a big fan of OEL manga which not many people like I hope to become a game designer, but would also like to be a mangaka
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    Welcome back mate

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    Welcome back. Prepare yourself. Rio will be here soon, ready to kick you to the curb.

    And she kicks pretty damn hard.

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    Already seen that she's a moderator. In that case, I've edited my original post and added a proper intro Is she still gonna get me'>_>

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    Probably, since it's a re-introduction. Guess you'll have to find out :P Anyway, I've never met ya, so welcome
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    Rio hasn't kicked you to the curb yet? She must still be shining her boots. Anyway welcome back .

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    I'm heeeeeere~! <3 <3 I got some new steel-toed shoes so this would be a perfect time to test 'em out. :3

    You're kinda sneaky with that intro so I don't know if you're new new or was a former member but lurked. Oh well, I'll do this....

    :kicks to the curb:

    ... and I'll leave this thread open. Oh, and hi there!


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