I'm looking for an artist, and that artist will get some motherfucking green! I think its about time to put my money where my mouth is and see if I can tempt one of you guys with cash to get one of my ideas down on the page, but with a spirit of fun and laid-back-ness about it.

I have several stories that I will write up in script form, but it may depend on the style of the artist which story is chosen for the story, but input is always nice, on any level.

If you are interested and live in the UK, then the pay will be distrubted via an online transfer. If you live outside the UK, then it would be via PayPal. The amount that is paid is negotiable, so we'll see.

sorry, hagihajsuki, I am beginning to work on that script, I've been working alot and had a Greek assignment due, so I'm gonna shoot that over to you asap, so don't be thinking that this post will detract from what I said I would write for you.

If you wanna do this, let me know, obviously, and post a link to your art thread or just post some art for me to evaluate. Then we'll talk.

C'mon guys, this is basically a job offer. Lets see what y'all got!