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No are you being for real
pretty much. Our most popular games right now are milking the multiplayer thing. Almost none of them are //about// the single player.

Yes and there are games that are also very good design wise and have or had large communities also. So how does this help your point?
By showing that there are exceptions to the rule. A successful game is not always good. My initial point was that devs should focus on "good", not "successful", when designing a game. Trying to make money is hugely limiting to creativity and innovation, and probably strikes down so many good ideas that never see the light of day. I'm p. sure the makers of SotC were not necessarily in it for massive sales. It's far from a crowd pleaser. If I wasn't an art buff I'd probably think it was 70% boring.

I dont think this is a response to anything I said and I dont disagree
It was in response to Tiberius.