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Thread: How Would You Do It?

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    Wink How Would You Do It?

    I thought turning some of the things I do in RL with my siblings into a thread would be a good idea.

    My brother would draw something and show it to me for a critique, and I'd re-draw it showing him, "How I would do it" and visa versa.

    So that's the gist of it, you post a drawing that you really need help with and the other person shows you how they'd go about doing it.
    Nothing fancy or time consuming, just a sketch of it would suffice.

    If anyone wants to give this a try, then I'd be willing to help the first person out.

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    Yeah. We have this already. It's the Pimp My Art thread.
    My AA thread - Updated 06/28/14

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    If you want to get critique people post art in the crit thread however there is a thread very much like this one as Bacon said, it's called the pimp my art, people post their drawings there and others "pimp" it in their own style or way.

    unless others argue this is different to that I will be closing this thread.
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