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Thread: how they pick a specific colour for character?

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    how they pick a specific colour for character?

    (I'm sorry if i posted here,i duno where else i could question about this)
    Ok the way u picked the color for the base can be also depending on the light source and the shadow source right?
    But when i came across this one
    Look at the colour of their character.How can i picked that kind of colour ?I noe u can pick by using eye dropper but try to think like how can u pick these colour without referring to this one ?

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    Basically, certain color schemes imply something about the character. For example, green often says that the character in question is aligned with nature, while a villain often struts around in black and red or something like that. Bottom line, the color scheme is an important part of the character design.

    But to make it work and look good you need to base it in the good ol' color theory. Here's two exellent video tutorials on the basics: It's the two named basic color schemes, part1 and part 2 (part one is just below the second part, so just scroll down a little)

    Good luck!

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    There are three factors that determine a color scheme:

    1.) source material - if your character is based on already existing people, or their clothes are based on already existing garb, do some research on these things and use them as an example.

    2.) character description - you can create different physical attributes for your character (ie. skin, hair, eye color) based on things about them like where they are from, who their parents are, what their job is or even what type of personality they have. Example: red eyes suit a person with a bold personality.

    3.) balance - if you already have a general color scheme in mind (like "blue"), then your objective in creating an effective design should be to balance the blue with another color that either complements or enhances it (like orange). If you have a dark blue character, unless they are meant to look dark and dingy, you don't want to add more dark colors. Contrary to the last example, observe Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. Her eyes are red, to contrast with her pale complexion and light blue hair.

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    As was said earlier, the color choices used mostly corresponds with the characters personality. In real life, though, it usually suggested that people wear what goes well with their coloring. Darker skinned individuals do well in dark clothes whereas lighter skinned individuals are better off with light colors or pastels.

    In regards to uniform where everyone wears the same thing, it depends on what you want to convey in regards to that group of people. For example, if you want to make it more serious, use dark uniforms. For a lighter mood, use lighter-colored uniforms.

    Anyways, in the end it's really up to you what you want to convey about your character to the audience. Answer that question first and picking colors should become easier.


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