Time doesn't matter anymore. Your main goals is just to stop your suffering.

In the past magic was thought to be fake, but when scientist find an ruin strange things start to happen. People around the world begin to have nightmares. The scientist decicide to destroyed the artifact.Yet they did not know what was to come. When the artifact was destroyed the scientist buried it. The land was peaceful for 200 years. Then all of a sudden tye artifact exploded causing the earth to beome a desolate waste land. People could not trust each other, so they spit up into groups. The people soon descovered they've gaind powers which they called magic. They studied their magic, made empires and military. Soon war broke out. While these empires where at war no one noticed the area where the artifact was buried. Hells gates where opened and evil started pouring out. The humans banned together to stop the threat. They created an organisation of preist to summon angels to help with the war.

Races: Angels, Akuma, Humans

Classes:Humans-Pure: (Priest) (Warrior-soldier-knight-leigonaire)
Summoner[only divine creatures]

Humans-Evil Linch Warlock




Akuma-Juggernaut-Spawn-Wraith-Corrupter-Reaper-Soul Snatcher

Race: Class: