First i wanna know if anyone has even heard of this, if so i wanna share opinions and hear how other people liked it.....For anyone that didn't read / play this "Visual novel" (book with pictures in it and interactivity(7-or more difrient stories/endings) i STRONGLY reccomend looking more into the matter It managed to change how i look onto the world, changed a lot of other peoples lives
This is a critique by a guy that seems has really give a good review of the game/visual novel (i didn't put the whole critique since it has some major spoilers but this is the core of the game)

Like I mentioned above, this concept of connecting with others - letting them understand you and you striving to understand them - is really what I think Katawa Shoujo is all about, and what makes it really something aimed towards this internet hive-mind. Have you seen all those reaction images online cut from 4chan, with these people being brought to tears and saying their lives have been changed and all that? Every route, every form of distance between people depicted in the game, is something that I think almost everyone can understand in some way.

Weíre all people. Everyone suffers one way or another, and in some ways the veil of anonymity the internet provides has made it worse than ever before, making it harder to receive support from others. Katawa Shoujo is relatable on a level that most media simply isnít, especially to those who spend their time on the internet talking to strangers, making sure not to get too close to anyone. It shows us that itís okay to trust others, to let them into our world. Not just okay, in fact Ė itís vital to being a human, I think.

And it gives us this lesson by showing us people with disabilities, with clear physical and mental gaps between them and others, ones that so many canít simply look past to see the real person behind them - and by having us connect with them like with anyone else. That it isn't impossible, that's it's something we should strive for.

I am sorry that i am all pushy with this, but this game made me feel good about myself on so many levels, and made me realize some things in my life. Also the writing is ..... beautifully, detailed but not overly so, it focuses your attention on whats happening but the details really let you immerse into it. So its also a good way of learning to write story's ( and in way that the most boring, every-day atmospheres are interesting. Also a warning it has some 18+ scenes, but you can hide them in the main menu option, also don't worry it isn't one of those perverted fetish sim date kinda stuff.... trust me.....and the other couple of million people that cried at a sight of one of the heroins undressing in front of you....wondering why? read it... .....So....Did anyone play/read it already?