Yo, I'm Sottaceti of Jaittaceti Productions on the main site, Commander Sylux everywhere else. I'm looking for 3D environmental and character artists who are willing to work diligently alongside myself and my partners. As you can tell, my English is quite good, so that's a plus, right?! I'm willing and able to provide significant compensation for all satisfactory or workable pieces produced. I'll be supervising you as head visuals producer, and I'll be in charge of all the animation and final post-production of models and film. I'm really looking for skilled artists who can come up with some nice ideas, but mostly follow my own groundwork. Project information will follow, but know it will be a fairly long and difficult road. After all, we're trying to be the next Frictional/Valve!

Immediately you'll begin work on Astral, a horror video game set in Munich, Germany, and its dream-like counterparts. Action will be first-person oriented, and will revolve mostly around fleeing and environmental usage as a weapon, much akin to Amnesia (as a matter of fact, we've e-mailed Frictional about using their physics engine already). Project files can be found in the .zip within this Box: http://www.box.com/files#/files/0/f/...8312/0/comment

Payment will be a cut of profits made on the final game (years from now, might it be said) with additional compensation along milestones (level completion from the team, scene completion, things of that nature).

Thanks much!