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    Working Title Manga

    Okay~ I've been trying to decide which story I should do while I work on my drawing skills; I've got a really neat physiological story written down, but I want to do a different project first for experience etc.

    So I'm working with a plot I made when I was eleven; it was originally named Space Chase but that sounds a bit lame now, so I'm going to call it Working Title for now. ><

    And most of the names of groups I use aren't official. I just went whatever popped into my head.

    The exact year is unknown. The story takes place on several planets that are based off of countries on the earth. No one is certain but, the truth they’ve accepted is that somehow hundreds of years ago the earth broke apart into different worlds based off of cultures of certain countries and ceased to exist however, there are rumors that the galaxy that now exists was created by earth which still exists somewhere hidden in space. Our story starts off on the planet that maintains the peace of the galaxy.

    In the beginning planets warred with each other destroying trade and plunging space into disaster; before long, the threat of "Galaxy Collapse" was confirmed to take place if things continued the way they were. Enter the "Constellations", a group of kickass peacemakers born from the plea of people to stop the bloodshed. Under their guidance, peace was established and the threat of "Galaxy Collapse" was thwarted. But as we have learned from history, violence isn't the only way that leads to destruction. All of the police forces and law maintainers are united by a organization that names Central Planet as the official training grounds for the "Police" in charge of monitoring planets and solving all problems between them. They slowly take over the group "Constellations" just as all of the original members die in a, "tragic accident." New seemingly loyal and obedient people are appointed as the "New Generation Constellations." Corrupt laws, the rise of a organization stirring up hell known as the "Inquisition," and unfair treatment towards planets that had been known for warring ensue, and rebellion begins to rear it's head.
    At the center of that rebellion is a prominent public figure on Central Planet and also a member of the Constellations. Refusing to turn a eye to the mistreatment of humans and the misdeeds of the current government controlled Constellations, she begins to look into the government that ruled the entire galaxy only to find that it's history shares the same roots as the "Inquisition". Further inquires leads to information on who is really running the government and what their motive is along with the mysteries surrounding Earths fate and it's assumed location. She is assigned a mission that gave her a chance to confirm her theories and expose what was really happening. This mission would prove to everyone that they were being lied to; and it would also prove to be fatal...she never returned. The "police" of Central Planet vowed to find her and assured people that they were growing closer to locating her--------that was six years ago.

    Current Storyline----------------------------------------

    Central Planet has made quite a few changes and seems to have no interest in locating the former Constellation.
    Her family members had died over the years and the remaining ones expressed no desire in seeing her return.
    The only people left who demands for the search to be continued are the two students of the missing Constellation.
    The rather brash youths find themselves stripped of rank for speaking out against the government and questioning their involvement with the "Inquisition."
    Fate decides to take then for a spin as several incidents leads them to discovering the whereabouts of a former Constellation turned florist, the secrets she knows is enough to send the government to hell on a platter---just one tiny problem.
    She has absolutely no interest in the fate of the world.

    But what you'd like to happen, is usually different from what's going to happen and the reluctant florist finds herself thrown back into the hectic world she'd managed to briefly escape from...

    So that's it so far, it's a pretty old plot of mine so let me know what you think!

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    Eh. I hate it when people leave you hanging without replies, so I thought I'd post a few questions about this.

    What exactly is a 'galactic collapse'? Is that the same thing as economic collapse but galactic? Was there a reason why these planets wanted to start wars in the first place? If the original constellations were awesome good guys, and indeed nothing at all like the new constellations, how exactly did they assert control other than just shooting all of the people they decided were 'baddies'?

    Not trying to jump on dreams or anything here, if you address those questions I'm pretty sure the story would work alot better afterwards. Considering the age you originally wrote it at, I guess it's pretty understandable there would be a few wee clunky bits. ;I

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