If you haven't read Blame! please do it before reading or posting in this thread, so you can have good arguments and don't be spoiled.

2 days ago -I believe-, James and I had a discussion about Blame!; about if it was just bad or a failure as a story; or good, a success as a comic. The discussion was interesting, but this thread is not about the arguments we shared to each others in that moments (I think we both can write our arguments in here again by ourselves), but rather about what do you think. The deal is that, I think that with the discussion we did a nice "deconstruction" of the manga, from its weak points and strong points, something to learn; so thought -why not making a thread about deconstructing comics?-, that's why I'm making this thread, which I want you to enjoy and join, so we can see arguments and look with a different glance the subject comic.

So what do you think about Blame!? What do you think are the strongest points? What do you think are the weakest points? Do you think it overall success or failed in his narratives attempts? And if you don't feel too edgy to make a big proposition, just tell what did you liked, each well pointed opinion is helpful in this task.

Hope you guys enjoy. We see in 3 weeks (I guess).