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Thread: Video Games; a Insult?

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    The whole idea of designing games that are not to be enjoyed in some way kind of eludes me. I mean it is an entertainment industry. The one thing I found offensive about Black Ops is that they used actual footage of JFK's assassination in the end credit roll. Using actual footage of death for entertainment purposes, especially in the context of a super fabricated story about Russian sleeper agents = not respectful at all. It's practically snuff entertainment.

    I mean I understand being desensitized to simulated death because of the countless numbers of 3d models you kill throughout the campaign. But when it comes to real footage of real people, I feel like a visceral line has been crossed. People should have been disgusted by that. If it was historically accurate, even, it would have been more respectful. but the fact that they used it as a tie-in for the sleeper agent thing is just ugghhh~
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