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The funny thing about war games like COD and battlefield is I'm pretty sure they actually speak to soldeirs as part of the research when they are making the games. It leads me to question how the games actually end up the way they are. Surely the soldiers aren't saying tp the research team, "YEAH it was SO BADASS when I shot that one guy in the face!" or anything like that.
So I always figured most soldiers didnt like to talk about the awful shit they've seen on the battlefield and whatnot but my experiences say otherwise. One of the inventory supervisors at my job talked about "scoring kills" as if it were a game or something when he was in iraq. Not a bad guy by any means, but it seemed strange to me since scoring has an air of fun to it when I can't ever imagine killing being fun.

I also got insulted by a customer because I said the gore in mortal kombat was disgusting. He said something along the lines of, "I was in the army. I've seen shit!" without a hint of sincerity. He was literally bragging about watching dudes die (possibly).

My friend chris saw a guy's head get blown off while in iraw. He mentioned it casually like he was talking about his sister getting married.

I had a design class with a marine who got discharged for being "homocidal and suicidal" because he liked to rush headfirst into combat. The dude had crazy scars including one in his neck from a knife. I jokingly asked him if he stabbed the guy back, which was p dumb on my part. He went "yeah I killed the motherfucker."