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Thread: Portogas' Art - Uchiha Sasuke!

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    Portogas' Art - Uchiha Sasuke!


    I need some help, with my drawing.. just with coloring though.. I'm still an amatuer when it comes to coloring.. haha I would really appriciate it if some one could color it!

    NB! This character does not belong to me, I only drew it! ^^

    PS; I'm sorry if I posted the drawing in wrong place..

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    You did. This goes in Artist's Alley. I'll move it for ya, though.

    Mangaworks is for actually *making* manga. Artist Alley is for posting and getting feedback on your non-manga art. And the anime section is for actually *discussing* manga and anime.

    EDIT: And I'm no artist, and I hate Sasuke, but that looks pretty good to me. :3

    EDIT THE SECOND: Critique Corner, not Artist Alley. I'm still used to the olden names. Also I changed the thread title for you because you're supposed to have something distinct/identifying. Feel free to change to something else, just as long as people know "this be portogas' art!"

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    I think this looks pretty good! I really like how clean the lines are, the varying thickness, and the proportions. On thing you may want to do if/when reworking it is cleaning up some of the tapered ends of his hair. Some of them are not closed up at all, and in some cases, like the back of his head, the top line for the spike goes out too far. Also, again, just a little clean up issue, on our right, where his bangs come up the line overlaps the line going towards the back of the head--that obtuse angle at the top of his bangs--needs to be removed. Does that make sense? I can't redline on this computer (I don't think I've ever redlined--I should, but I'm lazy! Sorry!)

    Other than that, it really looks great!
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