I'll probably be buying it. Not right upon release, but eventually. I mean, a game doesn't have to be amazing for me to consider spending money on it. Regardless, games like mass effect are really just big long time killers anyway; you get all into them, then beat them, then for the most part it's over, not including any replays you feel like doing down the road. ME1 and ME2 are both really different, the first being more of an RPG with weapons and upgrades litered everywhere for you to customize your character as if you were in an MMO, while the second is more of a good old campaign mode with all sorts of different missions to complete. I don't see why everyone wouldn't expect the third to be anything like the first two. In any case, it's mostly the story that I'm interested in wrapping up. I'm mostly just curious about the history and purpose of the reapers, and I hope for the trilogy to have some sort of intriguing ending.