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Thread: Disappointing video games that were a waste of your (or your parents) paycheck.

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    Disappointing video games that were a waste of your (or your parents) paycheck.

    We've all done this before. We see the advertisement on TV or hear about a new game from a friend and think to ourselves "I've gotta buy it!" Then you smash your piggy bank or swear to your parents that it is your birthday, head on down to the nearest Game Stop (since you're too cool for Wal-Mart) and hand them the $50-$60 for this new "awesome" game. You rush home and spend hours of time you should have spent on homework and studying playing your new game only to find out that it is CRAP! You can take it back, but of course you never get all of your money back for a used game. Tell me what disappointing, crappy games you have wasted money and time on.
    I've got three that I wasted my (I mean my parents) money on. Sims 2 Pets for the DSi, Dragon Ball Z Sagas, and Dragon Ball Z the Legacy of Goku. All three were boring and the game play was very annoying.

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    Hint: If you click edit, then "go advanced", you can change the title.

    On topic, Nintendogs. Fun for like a week, then blah.

    Also Hey You Pikachu. Now that I think about it, anything that attempted voice recognition.

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    Final Fantasy XIII

    The biggest rape my ass and wallet have had at the same time.

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    Duke Nukem Forever.

    I believed in you, Duke. I bet on you. Why, Duke. Why hast thou forsaken me?

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    Spectrobes for DS.
    Probably the worst Pokémon/Digimon rip-off i've ever played.
    fuck you disney, fuck you for actually forcing myself to beat it.

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    That castlevania game with patrick stewart. So bad.

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    Undefeated Battle Sheep Champion

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    Metal Gear Solid; Peace Walker.

    I kinda liked it at first, but it didn't take me too long to realise that most of the 'features' on the back of the box were half-truths, and cutscene deaths are a bit too damn frequent. This is comming from a guy who liked Acid.

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    Final Fantasies XIII and XIV. I bought both out of long time fandom to the series, and because I was yearning for the XI goodtimes to come back into my life after Abbyssea killed the game dead. I'm sad at how bad Square Enix's gameplay has become.

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    Lost Planet 2. I basically had to force myself to play it, and the only thing that kept me going was the character design, and Akrid. After that, I found it wasn't SO bad, just broken in a few spots, good thing I only paid 20 for it.


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